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money saving

5 ways to save on your insurance

Spent too much this holiday season? 5 ways to save on your insurance Did you know? If you’re like most people across the globe, then money is probably tight after a record-breaking holidayshopping season.A recent survey predicted holiday season spending between November and December 2021 wouldgrow 8-10% compared to the year before. More consumers than […]
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event insurance

Know why you need to get event insurance

Why you need to get event insurance? Kicking off the new year with more restrictions to help curb the rapid spread of the Omicron variant has left many Canadians wondering when we’ll get to enjoy our favourite concerts and events again. Whilst in the summer we got a taste of attending concerts, shows and other […]
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Insurance tips when buying your first home

Insurance tips when buying your first home You’ve bought your first home and you’re excited to finally move in. Congrats! While you’re probably thinking of what furniture to buy and dreaming up where to put all that Pinterest-worthy décor, it’s also important to ensure your brand-new home and belongings are properly protected, should anything happen. […]
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Contractor insurance

Construction Firm Needs Directors & Officers Liability Exposure

Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance protect corporate directors and officers as well in the event that they’re personally sued for actual or alleged wrongdoing when managing a company/firm. “The insurance helps cover defense costs and damages (awards and settlements) arising out of wrongful action allegations and lawsuits,” explains Angela McKerlich, surety and construction risk […]
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New auto insurance will change how insurers process the claim

New Alberta auto insurance will change how insurers process claims, calculate premiums New, essential automobile or vehicle insurance coverage policy will change how Alberta insurers process vehicle or automobile damage claims in the new year, and how premiums will be calculated. As of Jan. 1, drivers will claim vehicle vandalism for which they are not […]
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Business Cyber Insurance May Become Mandatory

4 Reasons why business cyber insurance may become mandatory With cyber insurance increasingly becoming “vital to most countries’ economic health,” this coverage is set to become mandatory in future, a Canada-based cyber insurer executive believes. Given the growing sophistication and increased frequency of cyberattacks on businesses across the globe, according to Vishal Kundi, CEO and […]
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Home device

How smart home devices can help lower your insurance premiums?

Smart home devices can lower your insurance premiums? While 66% of homeowners own at least one smart home device, few realize this technology can help lower insurance premiums, a new survey has found. While smart sensors that monitor for water leaks have the most potential to reduce homeowners’ risks, only 7% of people surveyed make […]
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Liability insurance

Managing your construction firm’s professional liability exposure

Construction firm’s professional liability exposure Many construction companies are not aware that they may have a Professional Liability exposure, even though there is a risk of lawsuits being brought against them for financial losses associated with their operations. “Professional Liability is liability insurance that covers contractors for construction errors, negligent acts and omissions in performing […]
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