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Commercial Auto Insurance in Edmonton

Many businesses rely on transportation modes to carry on to the next process of doing business. When you use vehicles or trailers to move job-related equipment, goods, or any other materials, it may provoke risks that can cost you a lot more than taking precautions. At A-Kan Commercial Auto Insurance, we shield you from financial damages that any accidents, thefts, and other mishaps may incur. Life is uncertain and a lot of things could certainly go wrong on the icy roads of Edmonton, Alberta. You or your driver could face injuries, property loss or collisions that may cost you a big time. Commercial Auto Insurance ensures your business doesn’t take a major hit while you recover or are being held accountable for the damages you have caused to others. A-Kan offers tailored insurance plans designed to protect your wheels under any circumstances in order to keep your operations running smoothly. Our team is always ready to address your concerns and guide you through the insurance process.

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Taxi? Commercial Fleets? Trucks? Buses? Individual Commercial Automobiles? Garage Automobiles? We’ve got it all under our wings. Your vehicles are the lifeline of your business & safeguarding them is our business. Our expert team is always ready to answer your questions, provide guidance, and assist you throughout the insurance process. When you choose us, all we want of you is to rest assured knowing your commercial wheels are in safe hands.

Why Choose A-Kan Insurance?

Expertise and Experience

We are industry experts with extensive experience in commercial auto insurance.

Customised Coverage

We recognize that every business is unique. That’s why we offer customised coverage options to suit your individual requirements.

Strong Insurance Partnerships

We have established strong partnerships with reputable auto insurance carriers.

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer services of auto insurance.

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Commitment to Risk Management

We go above & beyond simply providing commercial auto insurance coverage. Our risk management commitments are rock solid.

Convenience and Efficiency

Whether it’s obtaining a quote, making policy changes, or addressing any concerns, we ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients.

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    What is covered under Commercial Auto Insurance in Edmonton?

    A-Kan Commercial Auto Insurance in Edmonton extends beyond mere protection against minor damages to your vehicles. It encompasses the safeguarding of various critical aspects, such as:

    • Well-being and safety of your employees & drivers while operating commercial vehicles.
    • Well-being and safety of your clients when they engage with your business.
    • Safety of the public and the community in case of accidents or incidents involving your commercial vehicles
    • Protection of your business vehicle itself by recognizing it as a valuable asset that contributes to your company’s success.
    • Safeguarding your company from potential lawsuits and liability associated with property damage, injuries, and other related incidents.
    • Shielding your company from business interruptions that may occur after an accident, enabling you to resume operations smoothly and efficiently.

    When do I need Commercial Auto Insurance?

    Commercial auto insurance is necessary when you use vehicles for business purposes. If you or your employees operate vehicles as part of your business operations, it’s crucial to have proper commercial auto insurance coverage in place. Here are some common scenarios where commercial auto insurance is typically required:

    Business-owned vehicles

    If your business owns vehicles exclusively used for business purposes, such as delivery vans, service trucks, or company cars, commercial auto insurance is a must

    Employee vehicle usage

    Even if your employees use their personal vehicles for business-related tasks like making deliveries, visiting clients, or attending meetings, you may still need commercial auto insurance.

    Hauling or towing services

    If your business involves hauling goods, equipment, or machinery, or if you provide towing services, commercial auto insurance is essential. It protects against potential damage to your commercial vehicle.

    Non-owned or hired vehicles:

    If your business rents or leases vehicles, or if you occasionally use vehicles that you don't own for business purposes, you should consider non-owned commercial auto insurance.

    Transportation of passengers

    If your business involves transporting passengers, such as a taxi or van service, or ridesharing, commercial auto insurance is necessary to protect both passengers and drivers in the event of an accident.

    How Much Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cost in Alberta?

    The cost of commercial auto insurance in Alberta can vary based on several factors unique to each business. To determine the premium for your Commercial Vehicle insurance coverage, the following aspects are taken into consideration:

    Geographical Location

    The location of your business can influence the cost of insurance. Different areas may have varying levels of risk associated with them, such as higher traffic congestion or a greater likelihood of accidents.

    Types of Vehicles

    The types of vehicles in your fleet will affect the insurance cost. Premiums can differ depending on whether you have cars, trucks, vans, or specialized vehicles like delivery trucks or heavy-duty equipment.

    Number of Vehicles

    The number of vehicles in your fleet also plays a role in determining the cost. Generally, the more vehicles you have, the higher the premium, as there is a greater exposure to
    potential risks.

    Driver Experience

    If driver have a clean driving record and significant experience, it can potentially lead to lower premiums compared to drivers with less experience or a history of accidents.

    Nature of Business

    The nature of your business and the industry you operate in can impact insurance costs. Some industries may have higher risks due to specific operations or cargo being transported.

    Claims History

    The claims history of your business is an important factor. If your company has a history of frequent claims or high-value claims, it may result in higher premiums.

    By evaluating these factors, insurance providers determine the cost of commercial auto insurance coverage tailored to your business in Alberta. At A-Kan, we understand the importance of considering your specific needs and finding the best coverage at the best price. Remember that each insurance company may have its own unique underwriting criteria and pricing models. We provide quotes from top insurance providers in Canada and ensure that you receive comprehensive coverage that addresses your business’s requirements while staying within your budget.

    What types of Commercial Auto do we cover?

    At A-Kan Insurance, we provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of commercial auto vehicles. Our insurance policies cater to various types of commercial vehicles, including but not limited to

    Commercial Trucks
    Cars and Fleets
    Taxis and Rideshare Vehicles
    Buses and Coaches
    Construction Vehicles
    Food Trucks
    Refrigerated Trucks
    Specialty Vehicles
    Commercial Trailers

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    Awards and achievements

    A-Kan Insurance, in recognition of the superiority of our commercial truck insurance services, has been honored with several prestigious awards. 

    For our efforts in this direction, we have won several awards for our work in Canada. We attribute this success to our insurance advisors. Their constant efforts and dedication leveraged our brand.


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    Commercial Trucking Insurance FAQs

    Our Commercial auto insurance typically covers a wide range of vehicles used for business purposes, including cars, vans, trucks, trailers, and specialised vehicles like construction equipment.
    Several factors can impact the cost of commercial auto insurance premiums, including the number of vehicles in your fleet, their usage patterns, the driving records of your employees, the type of business you operate, and the desired coverage limits.
    Yes, you do! Personal Auto insurance policies typically exclude coverage for business use of vehicles. Our Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage for liability and property damage that may occur when employees use their personal vehicles for business-related tasks.
    Absolutely. Just contact A-Kan Insurance & our team of experts will assist you with all your questions & inquiries.

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