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Long-Haul Canada US Truck Insurance in Edmonton

Roads are the lifeline of any city, they connect two or more cities and thus help in exchange of goods. The basic source of transportation of goods is commercial trucks like short-haul & long-haul trucks. At times these trucks have to travel coast to coast & miles away from their starting point to deliver the products. Long-haul trucks usually travel long distances & thus their driver or trucker is highly experienced, as the cargo these trucks carry is extremely valuable. When following the long routes they need to pause after some hours of journey. This helps to avoid any type of mishappenings or accidents on the highway.

This is the sole reason that long-haul trucks need to be insured, as this will help the owner of the truck to repay the damages or losses if required. Whether you own a single long-haul truck or a fleet of trucks A-Kan Insurance can insure all. We’re the team of expert insurance brokers that will help you individually to pick the right insurance for your trucking business in Edmonton, Alberta.


Types of Coverage

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the business of operating a short-haul truck or a long-haul truck, you’re always at risk. An accident can happen at any time, so getting insured is the key. Here are a few of the coverages that A-Kan Insurance provides

Transportation Liability Insurance

Transportation liability insurance covers bodily injury, it also provides financial support for medical expenses and property damages. If any legal action has been taken out against you because of the accident, your transportation liability insurance will cover the cost of your defense.

Medical Payments

Medical payment coverage pays the hospital bills of long-haul truckers if they met with an accident.

Reefer Breakdown

Reefer breakdown coverage provides you protection when; your refrigerated trailer breaks down because of mechanical failure of the temperature control system. This coverage will provide insurance for the loss of cargo as well.

An inheritance for your children

You can protect the future of your kids with the money you invest in life insurance. This could set their life and shield them from any financial perils such as student loans or heavy wedding expenses. It does not matter if you do not have actual valuables or inheritance to leave them with, your life insurance policy can make them the beneficiaries in case you are gone.

Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage insurance covers both comprehensive damages caused by vandalism, theft, & collision.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists Insurance

If in case your truck & trailer is damaged or you or your trucker sustain injuries, in an accident that is caused by a third party that does not have sufficient auto insurance coverage then; underinsured or uninsured motorist insurance coverage will pay for your injuries.

Who needs Long-Haul Truck Insurance in Edmonton?

Here are a few points which specify who needs long-haul trucking insurance in Edmonton, Alberta.


If you own a tractor and also operate it.
If you own a fleet of tractors and operate it.
If you operate within a local radius.
If you’re a common carrier and don’t own the goods that are being hauled.
If you’re a contract carrier and own the goods that are being hauled.

Why choose us?

We at A-Kan Insurance understand that every business is important & thus needs to be insured for the odd times. Our belief is providing quality work to our clients & thus customer satisfaction is what we offer you. We’re associated with more than 50 insurance providers in Edmonton, Alberta. This makes us confident to help you choose the right insurance coverage for your commercial vehicle. We offer insurance solutions for both for-hire and not-for-hire trucking operations

Procure the right long-haul truck insurance at A-Kan & focus only on what you’re good at.

A-Kan Insurance believes in educating people in risk management & thus helps you to choose the right insurance coverage. Our friendly & supportive team is always there to support your business, we’re just a call away.

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