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Condo Insurance in Edmonton

Are you the owner of a condo & thinking of getting the right condo insurance for your property in Edmonton, Alberta? Then you must understand a few basic differences before you pick condo insurance for your property. Unlike home insurance, you have more than one policy to take into consideration when buying a condo insurance policy. The Condominium Corporation or Association will offer you a policy that covers the building itself, but your personal property  is not covered by this primary or master policy.

In Edmonton, Alberta most condominium company policies apply only to those elements that are part of the building – such as elevators, common areas, parking lots, etc. A personal condominium policy is required to cover your personal belongings, upgrades or improvements made to your unit, and other unexpected circumstances that you may face.

At A-Kan Insurance we assist you to choose the appropriate condo insurance as per your need. Our association with over 50 insurance providers lets us give you ample options for choosing the right insurance coverage for you.


Why you need Condo Insurance in Edmonton?

Protecting your assets is not the only reason to opt for condo insurance. Protection against personal liability is part of all personal condo policies. The mere fact that your neighbors live so closely increases the risk of accidental damage. For instance, if you live in a unit on the top floor and your sink overflows, damaging the ceiling and carpet of a neighbor, then your condo insurance will pay for repairs or replacement. Here are a few more reasons why you should go for condo insurance in Alberta

Your personal belongings

Condo insurance provides financial. protection against insured damage or loss of furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings within your condo or vehicle

Living expenses

Condo Insurance covers expenses such as a hotel room, storage costs, and more if you can’t live in your condo while repair work is being made after an insured loss.

Unit upgrades or improvements

Condo Insurance coverage helps to protect; upgrades and improvements in your property, such as better flooring, high-end light fixtures, or granite countertops that you or a prior owner has already made.

Liability & shortfalls:

Condo insurance provides you with financial protection if you accidentally cause property or personal injury to other people or if there is a shortfall in your condo company's coverage.

What is covered under Condo Insurance?

Before you buy any condo insurance in Edmonton, Alberta; you should be clear with what all things will be covered under it.

Upgrades & improvement:

Any upgrades or improvements that have been done to the original construction need to be insured. Be it hardwood floors, new cabinets or countertops, crown molding, wall coverings, or anything else you’re responsible for to get it insured.


Personal or special property such as furniture, high-value jewellery, electronics, household goods, clothing, etc. needs to be insured.

Third-party liability

Third-party liability insurance covers cases such as damage caused to the common wall shared between you & your neighbors or if a person is injured in your unit because of slipping on a wet floor.

Your locker

Your locker is included as a part of the insurable property. You can tell the insurance broker that you have a locker to get it covered.

If you’re looking out for Condo Insurance in Edmonton, Alberta then you may find many personal insurance providers to choose from and also an extremely long list of policy and coverage choices, that can leave you more confused. At A-Kan Insurance we make it easy to choose the right insurance coverage for you as per your requirements.

Procure the right condo insurance & protect your property from any future damage.

A-Kan Insurance believes in educating people in risk management & thus helps you to choose the right insurance coverage. Our friendly & supportive team is always there to support your business, we’re just a call away.

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