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Affordable Car Insurance in Edmonton

Car Insurance is mandatory for all drivers across Canada but rates can vary, not just from one province to the next but also within each province itself. There are dozens of car insurance providers in Alberta & each one is using their marketing skills to convince you that they are the best to choose. So it’s important to make the right decisions when choosing a car insurance broker.

With the help of A-Kan’s dedicated car insurance brokers in Edmonton, Alberta; you will get a customized policy that suits your needs and guarantees that you get the best possible value from your car insurance.

Why choose us for car insurance?

The best way to save money on your car insurance policy is to get advice from an insurance broker and compare rates. At A-Kan Insurance, our insurance brokers understand that every driver’s condition is different. That is why our brokers find out the plans that are tailored specifically for you.

As a team of insurance brokers, we are not tied to working with a single insurance provider. We have a wide network of insurance providers to choose from, which gives you more savings. Our insurance brokers will work directly with you to find and provide the best value car insurance for your lifestyle and driving history.

How much does your car insurance cost?

Different factors determine how much your car insurance will cost. Here are few key factors that insurance companies take into consideration while calculating your car insurance premium

Your car

The make, model, and year of the car can affect the insurance premium. This determines the cost and value of the car and repair costs.

How often you drive

The number of kms you drive your car every year will affect your insurance premium.

Coverage you choose

The more adequate the coverage, the more it will cost to insure your car

Your driving record

The number of years you’ve all been licensed for. Convictions due to Accidents or driving infractions (includes speeding tickets).

If you use your car for business purposes

If you use your car for business purposes (other than commuting), you need to get commercial car insurance. Your business may require a higher liability limit


Premiums are usually higher in urban areas.

What is covered under Car Insurance?

The coverage is the maximum amount you will receive from the insurance company if you claim a loss or event covered by your policy. Below listed are a few of the insurance coverage that is covered under car insurance coverage at A-Kan Insurance in Edmonton, Alberta

Mandatory insurance coverage

As the name suggests mandatory insurance coverage is compulsory for all drivers not only in Edmonton, Alberta but in entire Canada

Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers the damage that your car causes to other vehicles. It also covers losses, for instance, injury or death, which your car causes to other people. If the cost of damage is more than your liability limit then, you'll have to pay the balance of the settlement by yourself. Liability insurance coverage does not cover the cost of repairs to your car. You require additional insurance to cover these costs

Accident benefits or bodily injury insurance

Your medical expenses and loss of income are covered under accident benefits or bodily injury insurance in case you were in a car accident.

Additional insurance coverage

Many car insurance policies may also provide you with additional benefits.

Collision insurance

The cost of repairing or replacing your car is covered under collision insurance in case you hit another car or object.

Comprehensive insurance

The repairing or replacing of your car due to other types of damage or loss is covered under comprehensive insurance. This may include:
● Vandalism
● Damage to your windshield
● Theft
Comprehensive insurance coverage doesn't cover loss or damage to your car if you hit another car or object in a collision.

Procure the right car insurance & leave all your worries behind.

A-Kan Insurance believes in educating people in risk management & thus helps you to choose the right insurance coverage. Our friendly & supportive team is always there to support your business, we’re just a call away.

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