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5 ways to protect yourself from cyber-crime at home

Protect yourself from cybercrime at home With more connected devices at home and an increase in people working from home since the start of COVID-19, more consumers are at risk for personal cyberattacks than ever before, as per Vishal Kundi, CEO and co-founder of Boxx Insurance, a Toronto-based firm that specializes in cybersecurity and insurance. […]
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Checklist for car insurance when moving provinces

Moving provinces? Here’s a quick car insurance checklist If you’re moving between provinces in Canada you’ll be changing your address and license plate number, which will affect your car insurance. In addition, depending on where you live your premiums may go up or down – you may be moving to a safer area or one […]
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Home insurance

6 ways to protect your home this fall

6 ways to protect your home this fall While it’s time to get excited about all things pumpkin spiced and what Halloween outfits to get the kids this year, it’s also time to prep your home to withstand cooler fall temperatures and eventually, harsher winter weather. Following these home maintenance tips can help protect your […]
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Right insurance broker

Choose right insurance broker for your business

Choose right insurance broker for your business Finding the right insurance broker should go beyond ensuring your business is adequately covered in case something happens. It’s also about making sure your broker is the right fit and that you’re getting exceptional service, advises Lorie Phair, president of the Canadian Broker Network (CBN). Thankfully, the Canadian […]
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Travel Insurance

Insurance for parents: 3 things to know

Insurance For Parents: 3 Things To Know Moving your elderly parents into your own home or a retirement facility can have implications for insurance. “It doesn’t matter whether your parents leave their condo/home vacant, or they are selling it or renting it out, you’ll need to assist them in revising their existing home/condo insurance policy […]
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Travel medical insurance

6 Steps to get right travel medical insurance

Resuming Travel? 6 Steps To Get The Right Travel Medical Insurance For Your Trip As Canada emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadians are resuming their travel plans and look forward to visiting exotic destinations for vacations again. While there are pandemic-related health and safety travel requirements to comply with, depending on where you’re traveling […]
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Insurance Claim

Things to know while making insurance claim

3 things you should know while making an insurance claim When a windstorm damages your roof or you get into a car accident, chances are you won’t be in the headspace to think about your insurance claim. Talking to your insurance company may be the last thing on your mind in that moment, says Derrick Ajmo, […]
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3 things to know about co-insurance

3 things to know about co-insurance If you’re wondering what co-insurance is and how it works, you’re not alone. It’s probably one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in insurance. What is co-insurance? Co-insurance is a clause used by insurance companies meant to help you ensure your property is adequately insured, at either the replacement […]
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Insurance broker edmonton

Choose the right insurance broker

Choose the right insurance broker It becomes very difficult to choose the best insurance broker in a city when there are lots of companies to choose from. What should be done in that case? Well, we will be discussing a few points in this article that will help you to choose the right insurance broker […]
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Home flood protection

5 ways to protect your home from water damage

Ways to protect your home from water damage Most of us are looking forward to warmer weather, but snow melting and spring storms will increase the risk of flooded basements and other water damage to your property. Overland flooding costs the Canadian economy more than any other hazard we face and, while municipalities are trying […]
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