Auto Insurance

Insurance claim

Insurance claim: how it works?

Insurance claim: how it works? One of the more positive impacts of COVID-19 has been fewer accidents and property damage losses and claims. “We’ve seen an average 30% decline in insurance claims since the start of the pandemic and between March to May last year, claims were down almost 50%,” says Derrick Ajmo, Vice-President of […]
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professional liability exposure

Construction Firm’s Professional Liability Exposure

Construction Firm’s Professional Liability Exposure Many construction companies are not aware that they may have a Professional Liability exposure, even though there is a risk of lawsuits being brought against them for financial losses associated with their operations. “Professional Liability is liability insurance that covers contractors for construction errors, negligent acts and omissions in performing […]
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5 Essential Travel Insurance Tips For 2024

5 Essential Travel Insurance Tips For 2024 Imagine missing your dream vacation due to an unexpected medical emergency. In 2023, Canadians planned to spend over $14 billion on vacations, and, since the pandemic has made travelers more risk aware than ever, almost 90% realized they needed to buy travel insurance for their next trip. However, […]
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Commercial Insurance

Ways to Save Money on Commercial Insurance

How to Save Money on Commercial Insurance without Compromising on Coverage? The rising tide of inflation is leaving a mark on businesses across Canada. The cost of goods and services is on an upward trajectory, and for many business owners, every dollar counts. It might be tempting to cut costs on your commercial insurance by, […]
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Riding e-bike or e-scooter? Stay safe & insured

Thinking about riding an e-bike or e-scooter?

Stay Safe, Secure & Insured E-bikes and e-scooters are like electric bikes and scooters. They are faster than regular bikes because they have motors. Because of this, it’s important to have insurance and be safe when riding them. Understand the Risks: When you ride e-bikes and e-scooters, there are some risks to be aware of: […]
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Small Business Month Canada 2023

Celebrating Small Business Month Canada 2023

A month to cherish Small Canadian Businesses Along with the vibrant autumn hues of red and gold leaves, October in Canada means many things, and it carries great significance for the small business community – it’s Small Business Month! It’s that month of the year when Canadian small businesses are recognized and celebrated nationwide for […]
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Commercial property insurance inclusions & exclusions

What’s Covered and What’s Not: Commercial Property Insurance

Inclusions & Exclusions in Commercial Property Insurance Commercial property insurance policies commonly include coverage for certain items while excluding others. In this blog, you’ll know what’s covered & not covered in Commercial Property Insurance. But, first things first. What exactly is a Commercial Property? Commercial properties refers to properties and buildings that are used for […]
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5 Essential Insurance Tips


Renting out a property? 5 Crucial Tips Renting out your property, whether for the long term or short term, can indeed be a lucrative source of income. However, it’s crucial to grasp the insurance implications and ensure you’re adequately covered. UNDERSTANDING RESPONSIBILITIES When you rent out your property, the tenant becomes responsible for their personal […]
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Navigating Effects of New Commute on Car Insurance

Navigating Effects of New Commute on Car Insurance

Many Canadians drove less during the pandemic because they worked from home. However, new work arrangements, such as hybrid work models (working both in the office and at home) and a return to full-time in-office work, have altered many drivers’ commutes.This means that there are more vehicles on the road than in previous years, with […]
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