Stay Safe On Road

Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

“Road traffic injuries are predicted to be the eighth greatest cause of mortality globally for all age groups and the leading cause of death for children and young people 5-29 years of age,” according to an article published in 2019.

The number of individuals returning to their daily commute has resulted in an increase in traffic on the highways. Some of the frequent reasons for car accidents in Canada are mentioned below.

(Please note that the information provided below offers some practical advice on how to stay safe while driving and reduce your chance of meeting an accident)

Impaired Driving
The message is clear: never operate a vehicle while intoxicated. While many people may only identify driving under the influence as only alcohol, consumption of drugs while driving (including cannabis) can also make it more difficult for you to control your car safely and raise the possibility of injury or death for you, your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Accidents that involve alcohol and drugs are the primary cause of homicide in Canada, according to organizations like MADD Canada. Up to four Canadians are killed or seriously injured in alcohol or drug-influenced car accidents on public highways every day, on average.

Take the measures mentioned below to avoid Impaired Driving:

•    Plan ahead if you intend to use drugs or drink alcohol:
•    Designate a driver who will not use drugs or alcohol.
•    Ideally, spend the night.
•    Make arrangements for a taxi, ridesharing service (like Uber or Lyft), or a friend or relative to transport you home.

Fatigue Driving
Driving while fatigued is frequently comparable to driving while intoxicated. They both have a significant impact on your ability to keep your attention on the road.

According to a 2011 CACP study on this topic, 60% of Canadian drivers acknowledged to occasionally driving when fatigued, and 20% of fatal crashes involve driver weariness. Furthermore, 15% of people acknowledged that they had slept off behind the steering wheel while driving in the previous year.

Following are some tips to lessen your risk of dozing off while driving:

•    Prior to your journey, develop a schedule to ensure that you receive adequate sleep.
•    Change drivers periodically on long journeys; avoid driving the point of exhaustion 
•    Schedule your travels outside of your normal waking up and sleeping down hours.
•    If possible, drive during daylight hours
•    Travel with a companion who can keep you focused.
•    Sleep well before you take on a long drive.

Distracted Driving 
Distracted driving can include switching the radio station, applying makeup, eating, texting, and conversing on the phone while driving. 

Please take note of the following tips to help prevent distracted driving:

•       Never text while driving, not even while you are at a red light or stuck in traffic.
•	If you must make or receive a call or text, stop your vehicle in a secure area and park it first.
•	Avoid engaging in any activity that could divert your focus from driving. This includes modifying the navigation system's settings or using the infotainment system's menu.
•	Always maintain safe control of your car and keep your eyes on the road.
•	Encourage family and friends to drive without distractions.

These are few of the most frequent causes of collisions on roadways, however, they are not the only ones.

Travelling experience can be unpredictable & risky too. Hence, alongside the factors mentioned above, make sure you have a Vehicle Insurance.

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