Year: 2023

Insurance Market in 2023

Insights into the Insurance Market in 2023

A dig into current Insurance Market Businesses of all sizes will continue to encounter difficulties due to ongoing economic uncertainties, including factors such as inflation, geopolitical challenges, environmental disasters, and limitations on available capital. These trends, coupled with changes in risk assessment, are presenting four critical challenges for commercial insurers, impacting business coverages and rates. […]
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Insurance terms spotlight: ‘named insured’ on your business insurance policy

Protecting your name, securing your identity Understanding The nuances of business insurance can be quite complex, but one term that should never be overlooked is the ‘named insured.’As a Canadian business owner, knowing who is designated as the ‘named insured’ on your business insurance policy is critical. What is the ‘Named Insured?’ The ‘named insured’ […]
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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Process

Navigating Claims: A Guide to the Commercial Vehicle Insurance Process in Alberta

Demystifying Commercial Vehicle Insurance Accidents and unforeseen incidents can happen, even to the most cautious businesses that rely on commercial vehicles in Alberta. When such events occur, understanding the commercial vehicle insurance claims process is essential for a smooth and efficient resolution. This blog post aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to help businesses […]
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Where can I get instant insurance quotes?

Where can I get instant insurance quotes?

Hassle Free & Instant Insurance Quotes In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are highly valued. When it comes to insurance, obtaining instant quotes can save time and provide a quick overview of coverage options. Luckily, numerous online platforms and websites offer the convenience of instant insurance quotes. Finding insurance can be a difficult task. […]
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Slips, Falls & Trips at work

Risks in Small Business

Handling Falls, Slips, & Trips in Small Businesses As slips, trips, and falls are among the most frequent workplace injuries and the main source of workers’ compensation claims in Canada, it is crucial for small businesses to recognize the hazards involved. Small businesses face numerous risks when it comes to managing slips, trips, and falls. […]
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Insurance Policy Cancellation FAQ

Cancelling An Insurance Policy? Consider These Points Beforehand!

Insurance Policy Cancellation Are you thinking of switching to an insurance provider or cancelling your current insurance policy? There are some things you should consider before you cancel your insurance policy. What should I do before I cancel my insurance policy? It doesn't matter why or when you are considering cancelling your insurance policy. However, […]
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Gradually Increasing Legal Risks

Gradually Increasing Legal Risk

Studies Showing Legal Risks Are Constantly Increasing A recent study says that over the past few years, a gradual increase in legal risk has been observed in the past few years putting small businesses in Canada at stake. The study found that legal issues for small firms are getting worse than they were even eight […]
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Commonly asked life insurance questions

5 Frequently Asked Life Insurance Quote Questions

Life Insurance Quote FAQs The majority of consumers in Canada & all around the world use the Internet to find a life insurance quote. That’s what makes them well-informed buyers, and companies that respond actively to the customers’ inquiries in a timely, most efficient manner usually win the business. . When you’re looking for life […]
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Right loss of use coverage for vehicle


Right Loss-Of-Use Coverage For Vehicle The skyrocketing inflation and a protracted supply chain crisis exist, and there is no denial to that. Canadian drivers may be forced to pay for months’ worth of rental vehicle or transportation costs while their vehicles are being repaired or replaced followed by an accident or theft. It may lead […]
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Local Insurance Broker Hiring Advices

Advices Before Hiring A Local Insurance Broker

5 Exclusive Advices To Work With A Local Insurance Broker The Canadian Insurance Market has grown so large that more than 150 insurance companies now provide insurance services to nearly 29 million Canadians. And, with these many Insurers in the country, deciding which company to go for and which policy to buy can be a […]
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