Insurance Policy Cancellation FAQ

Cancelling An Insurance Policy? Consider These Points Beforehand!

Insurance Policy Cancellation Are you thinking of switching to an insurance provider or cancelling your current insurance policy? There are some things you should consider before you cancel your insurance policy. What should I do before I cancel my insurance policy? It doesn't matter why or when you are considering cancelling your insurance policy. However, […]
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Gradually Increasing Legal Risks

Gradually Increasing Legal Risk

Studies Showing Legal Risks Are Constantly Increasing A recent study says that over the past few years, a gradual increase in legal risk has been observed in the past few years putting small businesses in Canada at stake. The study found that legal issues for small firms are getting worse than they were even eight […]
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Commonly asked life insurance questions

5 Frequently Asked Life Insurance Quote Questions

Life Insurance Quote FAQs The majority of consumers in Canada & all around the world use the Internet to find a life insurance quote. That’s what makes them well-informed buyers, and companies that respond actively to the customers’ inquiries in a timely, most efficient manner usually win the business. . When you’re looking for life […]
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Right loss of use coverage for vehicle


Right Loss-Of-Use Coverage For Vehicle The skyrocketing inflation and a protracted supply chain crisis exist, and there is no denial to that. Canadian drivers may be forced to pay for months’ worth of rental vehicle or transportation costs while their vehicles are being repaired or replaced followed by an accident or theft. It may lead […]
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Local Insurance Broker Hiring Advices

Advices Before Hiring A Local Insurance Broker

5 Exclusive Advices To Work With A Local Insurance Broker The Canadian Insurance Market has grown so large that more than 150 insurance companies now provide insurance services to nearly 29 million Canadians. And, with these many Insurers in the country, deciding which company to go for and which policy to buy can be a […]
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Insurance to start a Business in Alberta

Insurance you need in Alberta to start a Business

Starting a business in Alberta? Insurances You Need Starting and running a business can be hard. However, Alberta business owners can be confident when venturing into this field because the province provides tremendous support for small businesses.From start-up assistance and fund grants to tax credits and market expansion, business owners can take advantage of a […]
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Insurance for Loss from Natural Disasters

Insurance Against Losses From Natural Disasters

Insurance Industry Trends: How To Prepare For Natural Disasters Two of the ten costliest natural disasters in recorded history struck Canada in 2022: Hurricane Fiona ($660 million) in Atlantic Canada and the Ontario and Quebec Windstorm ($875 million). According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, $2 billion in catastrophe insurance losses are now the norm […]
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Insurance For Snow Removal Professionals

Snow Removal Professionals and Insurances

Insurances Curated For Snow Removal Professionals Winter is here. If you are the resident of Canada, you know what winter brings along. Loads & loads of snow. This is that time of the year when the Snow removal professionals come through as a blessing to the Canadians. When the comfort of home is all we […]
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Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

Stay Safe On Road

Tips For Staying Safe On The Road “Road traffic injuries are predicted to be the eighth greatest cause of mortality globally for all age groups and the leading cause of death for children and young people 5-29 years of age,” according to an article published in 2019. The number of individuals returning to their daily […]
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Hard Market Affects Your Insurance Premiums

Hard Market Affecting Your Insurance Premiums

How a Hard Market affects your Insurance Premiums Insurance Industries experience expansion and contraction cycles, just like all other industries. Global economic recessions and natural disasters have a direct impact on market fluctuations. The number of insurance claims paid out each year is dramatically increased by Global pandemic, floods, wildfires, and other extreme weather events. […]
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