Why you should hire a cyber hacker to protect your business

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Why you should hire a cyber hacker to protect your business?

With an increase in cybercrime and sophisticated cyberattacks, more businesses are employing ethical hackers as part of their risk management team to help identify vulnerabilities, efficiently reduce risk and improve cybersecurity.

“With more people working from home, the risk for cyber breaches is amplified,” says Vishal Kundi, CEO and co-founder of Boxx Insurance, a Toronto-based firm that specializes in cybersecurity and insurance. “Regardless of size, any business that doesn’t take cybersecurity seriously exposes their firm to both financially motivated scams and damages and fines for failing to protect their client and employee data in the event of a cyber breach. For the same reason you go to a healthcare provider for an annual wellness check, it makes sense to turn to highly-trained security consultants to check out your security.”

What is penetration testing?
Also known as “white hats”, ethical hackers perform a penetration test – an authorized attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, application, or data – to identify security vulnerabilities which can then be resolved before an actual malicious attacker takes the opportunity to exploit them.

“A pen test helps you understand what could happen if a hacker targeted you, how they would do it and the ease with which they could succeed,” explains Kundi. 
Why you should hire an ethical hacker?
Losing your data through ransomware attacks, which are more prevalent than ever, puts your business at risk of financial loss or bankruptcy, legal and reputational damages.

“And the risks are only getting bigger,” adds Kundi.

“Staff working remotely, the increased demand on your IT team, fewer cyber specialists on staff and perhaps the outsourced provider that maintains your tech may not have the time, skills, or objectivity needed to identify security flaws, understand your organization’s risk level, or help address and fix critical issues. Pen testers will shake every tree, check every door, rattle every window to find your blind spots and loop holes and give you feedback on how to close the gaps.” 
How does penetration testing work?
A penetration test involves identifying security flaws in your hardware, people and software:

1.	External Penetration Test: how easy is it to break into your network? The test identifies vulnerabilities, validates how effective current safeguards are, demonstrates existing risks by attempting to take control of the corporate network and provides remediation strategies.
2.	Social Engineering: Testing your human firewall – how good are your employees at spotting phishing emails or enabling hackers to breach your security?
3.	Network Security Assessment: how easily and quickly can your security controls be hacked? Evaluating the security posture of your business’ internal network including remote access/VPN, firewall security, antivirus, malicious code, password strength etc. 

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